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Dive Site Name: Artificial Reef 

Type of Dive: Boat Dive

Diver Level: Intermediate 

Maximum Depth: 24 m

Diver Rating ****



The Artificial reef was the last project by the Cyprus fisheries department and the Cyprus dive centre association. The reef is approximately 200 metres from the Nemesis III wreck, it was completed in late 2015 and is now beginning to become a great breeding ground for all sorts of marine life. The reef consists of large fishing nets, concrete blocks, large boulders and concrete pipe.

Dive Site Description

As you descend down the shot line you will clearly see the large fishing net as pictured above following the net down you will descend to around 24 metres, after swimming through the net you can either head towards to outer part of the reef or continue towards the large concrete block towers as pictured above as you swim towards these you will swim past piles of large boulders which are a perfect place to see groupers and moray eels. Once you reach the blocks you will generally see lion fish and moray ells hiding in the holes of the concrete blocks. Once you have explored the plies of large rocks and concrete blocks continue your dive towards to exit shot line of the reef you will come across more large fishing nets before eventually coming to some concrete tubes buried in the sand, looking closely you should find octopus and squirl fish. Once you have finished exploring around the reef you can swim at short distance to the shot to begin your ascent.

Marine life on the Artificial Reef

Marine life on the reef is plenty full as well as seeing plenty of small reef fish you will encounter large pipe fish hunting in the blue as well as many lion fish, groupers and moray ells are also conman nestling in between the blocks and around the boulders. Very friendly puffer fish also make for fun underwater.