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Dive Site Name: Chapel

Type of Dive: Shore Dive

Diver Level: Intermediate  

Maximum Depth: 25 m

Diver Rating ****


The dive site takes it’s name form the small chapel located in the car park at the top of the steps that can be seen on above picture. The location is absolutely stunning with amazing views both above ans beneath the surface. There are multiple dives at this site depending on your experience level.

Dive Site Description

Once you enter the water you can descend to around 4 metres. You will then see a beautiful wall on your right hand side. One of my favorite dives is to follow this wall along it usually has lots of sunlight penetrating the water. The wall drops to around 12 metres. Once you have explored the wall you can then follow the natural topography of the site and follow the reef round keeping it on your left. Depending on your preference you can get up to 22 metres on this dive. Continue to follow the reef round and you will come to some large sandy areas from here you can begin to ascend back up the reef. As you reach your safety point you may well see lots of ancient amphora pottery. Rumors say that this was from a ship which run aground on this site many years ago. The pottery provides the perfect place to make a safety stop.

Marine life at the Chapel

Marine life at the chapel can be a little sparse however the natural beauty of the dive makes up for this. The rock formations at this site are stunning and the visibility is amazing. However there is still plenty of life to see such as huge trumpet fish, octopus and moray ells are often seen on the wall. Lion fish are can also be found between the large boulders.