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Dive Site Name: Green Bay

Type of Dive: Shore Dive

Diver Level: Beginner 

Maximum Depth: 10 m

Diver Rating ****

Located in the resort of Protaras, Green Bay is the perfect dive site for entry level diver training as well as the PADI Discover scuba.

The shallow bay offers shallow crystal clear water with a simple walking entry. Once in the water you can walk out to waist depth, don your fins and mask and get yourself comfortable and check your weight.

Dive Site Description

Once you submerge you will be amazed by the amount of marine life that can be seen in Green Bay. The site gently slops to around 3.5 metres where you will follow a pebbly bottom out of the bay swimming past some ancient amphora pottery which is buried in an among the rocks. Keep swimming straight and you will find fish rock. As the name suggests its literally surrounded by many types of fish, conman sightings include silver bream, damsel fish, rainbow wrasse, and ornate wrasse. Once you have finished having pictures and feeding the fish continue straight over a gentle drop off to 5-6 metres then follow the bottom contour to a rock face and descend to a sandy sea bed where you can visit the ancient Greek museum, whilst posing and taking pictures of the statues.

Diving Green Bay is a must if in Cyprus. As well as offering a very easy entry and exit into the water. The site rarely has any tidal movement or currents making it ideal for all levels of divers.

Marine life in Green Bay

AS well as all the species of fish as listed as above. Turtles are also regularly seen here, as well as Octopus, trumpet fish and Moray Eels. Green Bay also makes the perfect location for a night dive.