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Dive Site Name: HMS cricket

Type of Dive: Boat Dive

Diver Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Maximum Depth: 30 M

Diver Rating: *****

Just a short boat ride from Xylofagou harbour lies the wreck of HMS Cricket.  A World War 2 gunship that was anchored of the coast of Larnaca sunk during bad weather in 1947. She now lies upside down at a depth of between 25 and 31 metres. Many of her original features can still be seen both on the hull and inside the wreck.

Dive Site Description

As you descend down the shot towards the seabed, the outline of this historic wreck comes in to view, continue descending down towards the stern where you can explore the rudders and the stern area, once you have explored this area continue your dive towards the upturned bow area before entering the wreck from a large whole in her side. There are many fascinating features to be seen as you swim through the compartments, exiting the wreck back through the way you came in you will begin your ascent enjoying the birds eyes view of this piece of history 

 Marine life on HMS Cricket

HMS Cricket is home to many varieties of marine life including large shoals of reef fish, in addition to this large groupers, and moray eels have made their home throughout the wreck. Glass fish can sometimes be seen when exploring inside HMS Cricket.