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Dive Site Name: Liberty & Cross

Type of Dive: Boat Dive

Diver Level: Intermediate

Maximum Depth: 27 m

Diver Rating ****


The Liberty was a decommissioned Russian cargo ship. She was purchased by the Cyprus government to be sunk as the first artificial wreck. The Liberty was sunk on the 27th of May 2009. The Liberty is fully intact lying on the seabed at 27M.

Dive Site Description

As you descend down the shot line towards the seabed the outline of the Liberty will come into view continuing down the shot line you will swim towards the stern of the wreck where you can still see the propellers, From here you swim through the strucure of the wreck along the hull, ready to begin the penetration part of the dive. After exiting the hold areas of the Liberty you will head up towards the bow before heading back down the side of the Liberty towards the shot line.

During this dive you can also visit a 2 metre tall stainless steel cross and shrine which was purposely sunk to mark the end of a project by a Russian archaeologist 

Marine life on the Liberty

The Wreck is now home to a large schoal of groupers then can be seen hiding underneath the hull. Besides the grouper the Liberty is teeming with schoals of reef fish. Amber Jack, Tuna, and large stingrays are regulary seen around the wreck