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Dive Site Name: Moray Reef

Type of Dive: Shore Dive

Diver Level: Beginner to Intermediate 

Maximum Depth: 16 m

Diver Rating: ****



Moray is located on the way to Cyclops in the Cape Grecko national park. The site is accessed by walking over a few rocks which leads to a rocky ledge. There is a natural slope which you can enter the water from by using a seated back roll entry.

Dive Site Description

Upon making your descent you will be in a small sandy lagoon with surrounded by a small rocky reef the maximum depth here is 5 metres. Octopus are often seen in this area. You will then swim out through a gap in the rocks towards the outer reef. Keeping the reef on your left hand side you can follow the reef out on your hand side there is a huge sandy plateau where stingrays are often seen. The site gently slops to around 11 metres if you keep following the reef you will get around 14 metres. If you look to your right you will see some large grass banks dotted around the sand. Look to your left and you will see the side of the reef that continues in a semi circle. Once you have explored the reef and rocky areas you can then swim back over the top of the reef at a maximum depth of 8 – 9 metres. The swim back is very picturesque with lots of natural sun light penetrating the water. You will see large black sponge corals and plenty of marine life as you swim back towards the exit.

Marine life at Moray

Marine Life is plentiful at this dive site as the site name suggests moray eels are generally spotted here. Both free swimming and nestled in and between the rocks. There is a good chance to see a few species of moray here. In addition to the moray, and octopus stingrays and puffer fish are frequently seen here. Flying fish are also seen on top of the reef in just a couple of metres of water. This site offers excellent potential for photography.