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Dive Site Name: Octopus Reef

Type of Dive: Boat Dive

Diver Level: Intermediate to advanced

Maximum Depth: 27 m

Diver Rating ****


The reef is located a short boat ride away from the local wrecks, heading towards Green bay and Cape Grecko. Octopus reef is option for a second deep after diving the local wrecks. The site is generally not dived by many centres making it peaceful with a chance to see much more marine life. Depending on the current Octopus reef also makes for a reasonable drift dive.

Dive Site Description

To begin the dive we make a free descent to the top of the reef at around 18 metres once you have are comfortable you can either stay on the same depth level following the underwater reef which consists of large rocky out crops, large over hangs and gullies. There are exceptionally large black sponge corals seen on this dive. Once you have explored the top of the reef you can then drop to the lower ledge where you will find a sandy plateau with scenic rock formations onyour right hand side as pictured above. As you continue your dive you will reach a maximum depth of around 27 metres. Where there are some large over hangs, Large groupers can often be seen here. As you near your no decompression limit you can ascend to the top of the reef then begin your free ascent to make your safety stop.

Marine life on the Octopus reef

Marine life around this dive site is generally good there are a lot of the usual reeffish such as bream and damsel fish. In addition to this large trumpet fish can be seen hunting in the blue water. Larger groupers are also seen here hiding under the rocky over hangs as well as a good of octopus tucked away in the cracks.