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Dive Site Name: The Canyon

Type of Dive: Shore Dive

Diver Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Maximum Depth: 30 m

Diver Rating ****


The Canyon is located on the tip of Cape Grecko going towards Ayia Napa. The entry to the site is not for the faint hearted as it involves a clamber down a rocky path. Once you reach the large ledge as pictured above the entry is a simple seated back roll. Once you are in the water you will make your descent into around 3metres of water.


Dive site Description

As you descend you will begin the dive by swimming out of a beautiful channel at around 7 meters continue swimming straight out as you make a gradual descent you will come to the opening on the channel from you have three options for the dive you can either follow the natural wall to either the left or the right with a maximum depth of around 16 metres. We generally follow the right had wall along the seabed until you come to a large rocky outcrop at around 16 metres we generally turn the dive and come back along the wall between 8-10 metres. When you come back into the Canyon very is a small swim through you can make whilst making your safety stop.

Alternatively you can swim straight out form the Canyon following the natural slope of the sand after a few minutes you should hit an Island at at depth of around 30 metres. The Island makes for a great multilevel dive once you have explored the Island you can swim back over the sand and back towards the Canyon.

Marine life at the Canyon

There is generally a good amount of Marine life at the Canyon. The walls are rich in reef fish such as silver bream and damsel fish. Large morays, and octopus are often seen hidden in the cracks on the walls. Stingrays are often spotted in the sand around the dive site as well as tuna and amber jacks in the blue water.