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Dive Site Name: Zenobia

Type of Dive: Boat Dive, Wreck Dive

Diver Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Maximum Depth: 42 m

Diver Rating ****



The world famous Zenobia sunk on the 7th of June 1980 on her maiden voyage from Sweden. She now lies on her port just 1500 metres form Larnaca harbour. This out standing wreck dive is a must when diving in Cyprus.

During your two dives we will explore the stern, open cargo area, and the propellers, on the first dive, the second dive coves the lifeboats, anchor, bow, as well as light penetration in to the bridge and canteen.

Dive Site Description

As you make your descent on to this awesome wreck you will be astonished by how much you can see. The Zenobia is teeming with large sholas of bream, damsel fish and groupers. Dropping over the side of the wreck you will see articulated lorries, everywhere continue swimming towards the loading ramps you will come to the top propeller once you have posed for the camera you will ascend back to the top of the wreck to continue exploring this outstanding wreck.

On the second dive we swim over the lifeboats one of which is still intact drooping through the bridge exiting towards the huge bow, once you have explored the bow area completed a titanic pose and seen the anchor you will swim through the canteen, after seeing the famous tartan carpet, and coffee machine you will then exit the wreck to head back towards the shot line.

Marine life on the Zenobia

The Zenobia is rich with marine life there are countless numbers of large silver bream rainbow wrasse and damsel fish. Families of tame large grouper are resident on the wreck. In addition to this shoals of tuna and jacks are frequently seen around the wreck along with large moray eels and turtles. Diving on the Zenobia is truly a photographers dream.