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Dive Site Name: Zenobia 

Type of Dive: Technical & Penetration

Diver Level: Intermediate to Advanced 

Maximum Depth: 42m

Diver Rating: *****


The Zenobia is definitely a spectacular wreck for technical & penetration dives. There are countless dives we can offer to technical divers on the Zenobia exploring both the outside and inside of the immense wreck

Some of our popular routes include:

Bottom propeller, kissing trucks, and the eggs

Yes, you heard right there are eggs on the seabed. This dive begins with a descent to the bottom propeller, continuing round the cargo doors you come to the kissing trucks, which make an excellent swim through as you exit you will see the seabed littered with eggs form 1980! Maximum depth 42M

Upper cargo deck, guest accommodation

Entering over the bone truck you will swim in to upper cargo deck where there are plenty of trucks to see and explore, many of which are still almost intact. Continuing through the cargo deck you will come to the famous electrical tuck where you can still see buttons, and controls. We will then exit through a small window on the bow of the Zenobia before heading back through the canteen and guest accommodation. Maximum depth 34M

Middle cargo deck

Entering the Zenobia through the pilots hatch you will descend in to the middle cargo deck home of the captains blue lada, and the forklift truck. Exploring the middle lorry deck is simply sensational there is so much to see. As you come back towards to the exit you will swim over sleeping bags many of which are still in there original packing. Exiting the wreck you will come out under the funnels from there we take a slow bimble around the top of wreck before heading to the surface